As long as you are happy, I’m happy. 




下排:前往Lake Tahoe (North star)在I-80公路上

上排:在north star village, 我帶了kindle, Lean In來享受我一個人的時光, R去滑雪咯! 




No matter how busy you are, it is always nice that someone asks you to go for walk. Nothing special, just a walk.

 When your friend knows how stressful you are and kindly offers you a ride to an absolutely-beautiful place, BELIEVE ME, you can’t say no to that LOL.

A friend, my roommate and I decided to visit Sausalito to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. Although I’ve lived here for three years, and been to Sausalito so many times, this was a place that I got to visit the first time–



Point Bonita Lighthouse.



Melody, ZouZou, Shen Ce, Yilu Shen, Jenny Liu

Melody, ZouZou, Shen Ce, Yilu Shen, Jenny Liu

All of a sudden, graduation is nearly here and I do not even know if i’m ready for it. Walking down the ceremony isn’t scary, walking out that door is scary.

This semester is probably the busiest semester in my college life. It’s been really intense, tiring but yet self-fulfilling. Knowing there is a group of people like you, have dreams to pursue, is such grateful thing to appreciate. We call it 333 group (Class Number) and we have five people in our 333 group– Me, ZouZou, Jenny, Shen Ce and Yilu. Making friends isn’t about your IQ or EQ, it’s really about your personality. We get along with each other so easily when we are simply being ourselves. Thinking of my Strategic Management class ;)…if I can put us into a business structure, I think we act like different department in a company and each of us has our own function and goal to achieve. The only thing unchangeable is our “vision”— actualize ourselves. You guys are the tiebreaker for me. I never expected there will be a day that we put down our bias and show mutual understanding upon the varied perspectives on so many things. Wherever we go in the future, I believe 333 spirit will always be there. 😀

Cheers! Guys!

“Every single one of you, as a finance people, should know about this!”—-by Ohara.

























心中盤算著 屬於自己的小說的情節








我寫不出來我要表達的 是因為我表達不出來


因為 故事還在進行著 心動的感覺還持續著

I can’t predict. I wish I know if I were you what choice I would make.



妳 第一次心動 的那張臉


道德標準 跟 心理價值 的戰爭



妳的衝動讓我羨慕 讓我渴盼,

希望 我也有勇氣去拋出那顆球。


矛盾的人 再接下一句話之前,


一個很知命的人 看著天空

老天下雨 那就下雨 老天不下雨 那就不下雨

日子還是一樣的過 心臟還是一樣的跳



一大滴一大滴的雨 開始落下 慢慢 他的頭髮他的衣服開始溼透

最後 是他手中握著未來 也開始濕透


風開始刮過來 是要吹走他 還是他手中緊握的未來

跑到哪裡 雨也從來不在哪個交界點 就開始不下了


希望跑到一把傘下 讓他遮遮雨擋擋風 休息一下 等雨停




所以 停與不停 好像也無所謂了




你一轉身 雨也就停了


雖然大的可怕 雖然聲音很響 風很狂妄

但是很短 短到你需要拿雨傘的時間都不用

老天偶爾 也會開玩笑 也會騙騙你

雷陣雨後那放晴的天空 那暖暖的太陽


要你不要害怕 只是想跟你玩個遊戲




發現 雨 早就停了


有彩虹 有太陽 有綠樹 有徐徐的風


Seattle Trip! TO BE CONTINUED!

Seattle Gum Wall

This is my second time to be here– for I call it “The City of Rain” because it rains so much that it was hard for me to fall in love with this city. But overall Seattle really did bring me a lot of awesomeness that I would never forget. 😉

When I think of travelling, I think of the people I know and all the memory will start flashing in my brain. That’s how I start to decide who to see, where to go, what to do and eventually how to make it happen. It’s all about the connection between you and the people. Being sincere and grateful to everyone you met gives you the solid foundation of a friendship. Maybe it could sound a little bit crazy but my dream is to visit all my friends live at different places!

Ok! Back to where I left from the beginning, my second time to be here! When you have a friend lives in a city that you have never been to, he/she will bring you to explore not only the famous tourist “hot spots” but the “culture” of the city.

Let the Journey begin!

Here is a big advice, if you want to go to Seattle, go during summer time! Besides the summertime, you don’t really have the right to decide your schedule, the weather does that for you. I can clearly remember last winter, the first thing I did when I woke up everyday was to open the curtain, looked out the window and felt disappointed. Sadly, that repeated almost everyday during my visit. The gloomy sky made me feel down. So, NO! Visit Seattle during June to Oct! The temperature is in the range between 60 F to 70F which is pretty descent. You get to wear short pants, skirts, tank-tops and the wind is pretty cozy. The sun gives you the heat! I did not go as many places as last time just because I’ve been there at the first time. I might not show the pics of those most famous tourist spots, instead, I would love to share the moments of beauty along my trip.

<The Roof>

I call it “The Roof” because this picture was taken at the top of the building of my friend’s apartment.The name was chosen from a famous American Tv Series “How I Met Your Mother”. The roof symbolizes the place where two people who have feelings toward each other sneak out from the crowd to enjoy their secret moment. Looking up, down and straight from the roof gives them different views on the sky, city and the moon.  At the end of the story, the guy has his little move and kiss the girl. And the true love begins from there.

I love the changes of texture, layer and color because they work perfectly to make the view harmoniously beautiful.

<The Other Side of The Roof>

Amazing clouds full of complex textures.

p.s. There wasn’t any special effect.

<Skyline from Gas Works Park>

Well. This was taken inside the park where I found an awesome spot to view the skyline of Seattle from the other side. As you can see the Space Needle locates at the right hand side.

<Gas Works Park>

A normal weekday. People lying on the grass, reading books, getting tanned, listening to music,rolling down from the hills and most importantly enjoying the smell of nature.

<Pike Place Market>

People come here to buy the most fresh seafood and vegetables here! It’s like a huge freshly pick market. And of course, one small bouquet of flowers will only cost you 5 dollars in which I pretty much see people sell it for at least 15 dollars in Bay Area. The most famous seafood store is located at the corner where it has a golden medal pig in front of it and there is always a group of people taking pictures with it. Why do I call it famous? Well. When people order fish, the staff will pick the fish at the front and throw it back to where cashier is (backstage). They kinda sing and shout out their catchphrases and people kinda just follow their singing to make sounds  When a crowd is cheering all together, it feels really good!

The only and unique Starbucks coffee bean is also around the corner. They have this Coffee Bean that only sells here but any other Starbucks. (Golden Package–> Special Reserve)

<University of Washington– The Quad>

From the biggest tree in this pic further extends along the way is the path where the cherry blossoms happen in spring every year.

Lying there with a cup of hot green tea latte. “This is the life I’m going to have,” I said to myself.

Life is not complicated, People are.

FYI, July 23 to July 26 I will be going to Oregon on my own. More fabulous photos coming soon!