The decision of moving to Beijing was definitely a life changing decision for me, not only I stepped out of my comfort zone, but also stepped into a whole new environment that I  have been wanting for a long time.

This post is not meant to be telling you any heart wrenching story of my new life. Instead, I am going to drop down a few notes that I have learned over the past two months. It’s going to be very rough, bear with me.

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Newsroom Town Hall Meeting

Who we are? Caixin Global (CX) is a new company that was officially launched last year Dec, it carries the name of Caixin Media, the most well-known financial news media in China. Just like WSJ, Bloomberg, NYT and FT, we want to be the world leading financial news media, except we are China born. REVOLUTIONARY! Having the exclusive resources and unique insights will be our biggest strength.

“Know China From The Inside”- Caixin Global

What I do? Honestly, my role at CX’s been pivoting til last week. As a founding team member, things are always changing and your boss is trying very hard to find you a best position ASAP. I will be responsible for user acquisition moving forward. Sounds vague? It involves many aspects including marketing strategy, product development (Web & App) and customer service…etc. Feeling extremely lucky that I get to work with such talented team; every single one of us has such diverse background. Will share more in the future 🙂




This is where I work! Come visit?  😀





OK…let’s get to the point. What have I learned in the past 2 months?

Words of wisdom:

  1. Always bear in mind, what the other side wants, and what questions they might have in mind. Address them before they ask.
  2. What is turn in by you, is the same standard as your company, so have a standard, a standard that will eventually evolve to be your own.
  3. The standard of our service is the same as our standard of journalism. “Do the best, or Nothing”.
  4. As a professional, the only thing you need to manage, is yourself.
  5. A leader’s job is to make sure our vision and goal are aligned with everyone, help you to prioritize tasks, and lastly facilitate the process. You will be the owner of your task, and held accountable for your project.
  6. Every word, every passage, every image to your audience is a “message”. So never underestimate.

Things I observed:

  1. Create a good product does not mean you have good business sense.
  2. Prioritize is a critical skill, it tells you where you should to put your energy in that gives you the max results.
  3. 80/20 rules + Parkinson’s Law. Identify the few critical tasks that contribute the most and schedule them with very short and clear deadlines.
  4. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge!
  5. Learn to praise. It’s good to let others know they’ve done a great job.
  6. Do not judge people from their appearances, especially Beijing people.

Might have chance to go on business trips in the following months. ahhh. Even just typing these words makes me feel excited!

Stay tuned!