Everyone can come up with ideas but there are only some will actually do it. And among people who take actions, only few might have chance to succeed. As I grew older, I started seeing the power of knowledge. Owning the knowledge allows you to not only dream but also have the ability to accomplish. Living in the heart of Bay Area, I meet talents from everywhere around the globe. I once heard a saying, the people who live in that city defines the personality of that place. Here in Bay Area, people are constantly thinking how they can do to make this world a better place, I mean, CONSTANTLY. Probably not a world saver, but they are trying to make people’s life easier little by little. It affects every bit of me. I’m glad that I chose to come to San Francisco five years ago. It was the right call to come here.

The picture you see right above? I will explain right way 🙂 Randy, Erh-Li and Kent are forming a team to create a mobile app that helps household to know the time your food will expire and if you need to buy egg/milk. It saves LOTS OF TIME for a household that consists of more than 3 people. (we have 5) We are always asking each who owns what, and if we need to buy eggs/milk back. Such a disaster…!

Although they are all software engineers, none of them have training to write a mobile app before. In that picture, they were trying to gather what they’ve already know and solve the unknown. Isn’t it exciting? Learning new things from doing! I joined their brainstorming on the idea itself and human behavior earlier that day and I just wished I could’ve contributed more. My expertise focuses on usr optimization part and that it will only come after the product is released on IOS.

A good product does not have to be revolutionary, as long as it makes our life less miserable, it is a good product 🙂