I wasn’t feeling very well the day before yesterday so I did not do my daily exercise. Now my roommate is telling me I have to START OVER. But…only one day! PLEASE LET ME GET AWAY WITH IT. Either I exclude that day or I will start over for the sake of GUILT.

I do not normally post selfie on facebook. I feel awkward seeing my selfie on my wall with caption. Why do you need a picture of your face when you just want to say something. But I have to admit, once in awhile I have this eager to post my selfie. It’s fun to record the moments in life, not just food but your pretty face :). Maybe I just do not like the attention from Facebook where all the information are shared publicly and your privacy is not protected.

Now I have lots of leisure time with myself. I spend lots of time exploring things I was hardly able to do when I was busy. I start baking again too. One thing I like baking at home is that I never care how much fruits or nuts I should add says on the recipe. See how much nuts are on my banana bread :P? And lots of blueberries inside as well! I had my brother’s girlfriend to pass it to my parents as mother’s day present. Hope they like it 🙂  (finger crossed) 

Last weekend, we took our friend Lun who came to visit from Arizona around Bay Area. It’s hard to believe that Lun has become a real good friend of us in such short period of time. He stayed at our house while he was job hunting for 2 months. Friendship grown and lasted 🙂 We had long talks for two nights. When one’s mind state is not at the right place, everything he/she thinks can be really negative. Everything becomes stressful and not right. Try to bring out the positivity of you before you make decision. I truly wish the best for you! You can and you will!

Thanks to Winsy for recommending us this SUPER AWESOME supermarket in East Bay. I finally found my vegan butter! (it is not even in TJ’s)

I start practicing piano again! Everyday! Trying to pick up guitar as well. Two of my roommates play guitar, why not have them to teach me so I can sing & play 😉 I am also practicing using guitar chord to play on piano. It works pretty well. Believe next time when we are singing in living room I will be able to contribute a little.

Last but not least! GMAT GMAT GMAT! I’m going to take you in 4 months. THIS TIME, I AM NOT GOING TO LET MYSELF SLIP AWAY! go go go!

Have an awesome weekend guys!