This is a #ThrowbackThursday pic from last weekend. You were awake very early that day and you made this while I was still in bed. Thank you:)!  

OK. So, what is going on with my life now? 

I start running again. That’s what I do all the time. I start and stop and restart…like a cycle. Yesterday was my Day 1 to start a new routine. I want to make it a regular thing for at least 21 days. Either jogging, aerobic dance, weight lifting…exercise for 1 hour. (People say you need 21 days to form a habit) that’s see how it goes;)

Eat healthy food! Be responsible for your own body!


It’s fun to be creative, to differentiate ourselves. I like to decorate each of them differently.

Secret ingredients: Avocado, Chia seeds, unsweetened cacao powder, almond milk, nuts, honey/syrup, fruits, expresso

 I just finished my 1st trimester and 2nd trimester will start in one week.

Searching for things I want to accomplish in life. Little by little.

“The choice you make, makes you”- John Wooden

Have a nice day guys!