A quick note to my 2017 so far

The decision of moving to Beijing was definitely a life changing decision for me, not only I stepped out of my comfort zone, but also stepped into a whole new environment that I  have been wanting for a long time.

This post is not meant to be telling you any heart wrenching story of my new life. Instead, I am going to drop down a few notes that I have learned over the past two months. It’s going to be very rough, bear with me.

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Newsroom Town Hall Meeting

Who we are? Caixin Global (CX) is a new company that was officially launched last year Dec, it carries the name of Caixin Media, the most well-known financial news media in China. Just like WSJ, Bloomberg, NYT and FT, we want to be the world leading financial news media, except we are China born. REVOLUTIONARY! Having the exclusive resources and unique insights will be our biggest strength.

“Know China From The Inside”- Caixin Global

What I do? Honestly, my role at CX’s been pivoting til last week. As a founding team member, things are always changing and your boss is trying very hard to find you a best position ASAP. I will be responsible for user acquisition moving forward. Sounds vague? It involves many aspects including marketing strategy, product development (Web & App) and customer service…etc. Feeling extremely lucky that I get to work with such talented team; every single one of us has such diverse background. Will share more in the future 🙂




This is where I work! Come visit?  😀





OK…let’s get to the point. What have I learned in the past 2 months?

Words of wisdom:

  1. Always bear in mind, what the other side wants, and what questions they might have in mind. Address them before they ask.
  2. What is turn in by you, is the same standard as your company, so have a standard, a standard that will eventually evolve to be your own.
  3. The standard of our service is the same as our standard of journalism. “Do the best, or Nothing”.
  4. As a professional, the only thing you need to manage, is yourself.
  5. A leader’s job is to make sure our vision and goal are aligned with everyone, help you to prioritize tasks, and lastly facilitate the process. You will be the owner of your task, and held accountable for your project.
  6. Every word, every passage, every image to your audience is a “message”. So never underestimate.

Things I observed:

  1. Create a good product does not mean you have good business sense.
  2. Prioritize is a critical skill, it tells you where you should to put your energy in that gives you the max results.
  3. 80/20 rules + Parkinson’s Law. Identify the few critical tasks that contribute the most and schedule them with very short and clear deadlines.
  4. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge!
  5. Learn to praise. It’s good to let others know they’ve done a great job.
  6. Do not judge people from their appearances, especially Beijing people.

Might have chance to go on business trips in the following months. ahhh. Even just typing these words makes me feel excited!

Stay tuned!










  • 世界上每種人都存在,也每種人都需要。
  • Interpersonal skills發揮到極致,也是種不可或缺的專業。
  • 為了目標,你到底付出了多少?
  • 不要猶豫,油門踩到底直到要必須煞車的那一刻!
  • 時間投資在哪,你的回報就在哪。




“Embrace the uncertainty because you are lucky to at least have a choice.”


Finally I have a small breakthrough on my Gmat SC section, although it is only accounted one-third of the verbal part. In August, I will have a chance to visit Portland and Seattle (early and in the end of Aug). I feel really graceful that I get to see these two cities one more time before I go back to Asia. (Yes. that’s official!), especially with the people I love hanging out with. Sorry Boston, Washington DC and NYC, I will be back again 😥

Going back to Asia gives me a bittersweet feeling that my excitement and sadness just mix together. It’s weird. You are happy and you are sad at the same time. Leaving the country you’ve lived for five years, the people who you’ve already built strong relationships with and also the one person who I care the most. It sure is a dilemma but I know I’ve tried my best to make the right choice. Taiwan & Shanghai are the two places that identified me and shaped who I am today. When people ask me why do I go back? I always said, it’s for good. And it really is 🙂 Having a chance to stay closer with family is something I’ve wanted for very very long time. The feeling of not being able to accompany my family makes me feel vulnerable and lost.

OK. Time to go back to my project management homework.

Just remember, pray when you’re looking for answers.

Listen to your heart because it’s already telling you the answers.

The dreamers and the doers

Everyone can come up with ideas but there are only some will actually do it. And among people who take actions, only few might have chance to succeed. As I grew older, I started seeing the power of knowledge. Owning the knowledge allows you to not only dream but also have the ability to accomplish. Living in the heart of Bay Area, I meet talents from everywhere around the globe. I once heard a saying, the people who live in that city defines the personality of that place. Here in Bay Area, people are constantly thinking how they can do to make this world a better place, I mean, CONSTANTLY. Probably not a world saver, but they are trying to make people’s life easier little by little. It affects every bit of me. I’m glad that I chose to come to San Francisco five years ago. It was the right call to come here.

The picture you see right above? I will explain right way 🙂 Randy, Erh-Li and Kent are forming a team to create a mobile app that helps household to know the time your food will expire and if you need to buy egg/milk. It saves LOTS OF TIME for a household that consists of more than 3 people. (we have 5) We are always asking each who owns what, and if we need to buy eggs/milk back. Such a disaster…!

Although they are all software engineers, none of them have training to write a mobile app before. In that picture, they were trying to gather what they’ve already know and solve the unknown. Isn’t it exciting? Learning new things from doing! I joined their brainstorming on the idea itself and human behavior earlier that day and I just wished I could’ve contributed more. My expertise focuses on usr optimization part and that it will only come after the product is released on IOS.

A good product does not have to be revolutionary, as long as it makes our life less miserable, it is a good product 🙂

Day 8 or Day 2? UGH. 

I wasn’t feeling very well the day before yesterday so I did not do my daily exercise. Now my roommate is telling me I have to START OVER. But…only one day! PLEASE LET ME GET AWAY WITH IT. Either I exclude that day or I will start over for the sake of GUILT.

I do not normally post selfie on facebook. I feel awkward seeing my selfie on my wall with caption. Why do you need a picture of your face when you just want to say something. But I have to admit, once in awhile I have this eager to post my selfie. It’s fun to record the moments in life, not just food but your pretty face :). Maybe I just do not like the attention from Facebook where all the information are shared publicly and your privacy is not protected.

Now I have lots of leisure time with myself. I spend lots of time exploring things I was hardly able to do when I was busy. I start baking again too. One thing I like baking at home is that I never care how much fruits or nuts I should add says on the recipe. See how much nuts are on my banana bread :P? And lots of blueberries inside as well! I had my brother’s girlfriend to pass it to my parents as mother’s day present. Hope they like it 🙂  (finger crossed) 

Last weekend, we took our friend Lun who came to visit from Arizona around Bay Area. It’s hard to believe that Lun has become a real good friend of us in such short period of time. He stayed at our house while he was job hunting for 2 months. Friendship grown and lasted 🙂 We had long talks for two nights. When one’s mind state is not at the right place, everything he/she thinks can be really negative. Everything becomes stressful and not right. Try to bring out the positivity of you before you make decision. I truly wish the best for you! You can and you will!

Thanks to Winsy for recommending us this SUPER AWESOME supermarket in East Bay. I finally found my vegan butter! (it is not even in TJ’s)

I start practicing piano again! Everyday! Trying to pick up guitar as well. Two of my roommates play guitar, why not have them to teach me so I can sing & play 😉 I am also practicing using guitar chord to play on piano. It works pretty well. Believe next time when we are singing in living room I will be able to contribute a little.

Last but not least! GMAT GMAT GMAT! I’m going to take you in 4 months. THIS TIME, I AM NOT GOING TO LET MYSELF SLIP AWAY! go go go!

Have an awesome weekend guys!


This is a #ThrowbackThursday pic from last weekend. You were awake very early that day and you made this while I was still in bed. Thank you:)!  

OK. So, what is going on with my life now? 

I start running again. That’s what I do all the time. I start and stop and restart…like a cycle. Yesterday was my Day 1 to start a new routine. I want to make it a regular thing for at least 21 days. Either jogging, aerobic dance, weight lifting…exercise for 1 hour. (People say you need 21 days to form a habit) that’s see how it goes;)

Eat healthy food! Be responsible for your own body!


It’s fun to be creative, to differentiate ourselves. I like to decorate each of them differently.

Secret ingredients: Avocado, Chia seeds, unsweetened cacao powder, almond milk, nuts, honey/syrup, fruits, expresso

 I just finished my 1st trimester and 2nd trimester will start in one week.

Searching for things I want to accomplish in life. Little by little.

“The choice you make, makes you”- John Wooden

Have a nice day guys!

A Seat on a Rocket Ship 

如果Sheryl Sandberg當初只找一份,高薪且目標明確的工作,那她可能不會是今天Facebook的營運長。


抓住這個機會。(Look for growth) 


If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.